Kühn Ceramics loves…

Since he was a child Bernhard Kühn loves to work with clay. As a natural consequence he starts an apprenticeship as a ceramist, but according to him he could also been trained as baker, cook or confectioner: “All what you need are basic materials, your own hands and a hot oven.”

In 1993 he starts to create his own ceramics. Bernhard does not re-invent well-tried products such as the form of a cup, but everything he loves and all he is interested in influences his work.

A trip to Rome? …. You’ll find the sweeping and lavish language of the Baroque in his work.

A visit to Sanssouci, Potsdam? … The cups and beakers regain Prussian austerity.

An exhibition with paintings of Caravaggio? … Holy and secular subjects melt into his creations.

A journey to Lissabon? … The studio gets decorated with tiles of his style.

The Baroque age, life at court, affluence, glamour – ironical citations of „golden ages“ are the main thread throughout his work.

Today Bernhard Kühn runs a small studio with a few people in Berlin. The whole production of his ceramics is completed here. His pieces sell throughout the world, but they can also be purchased in his Berlin showroom.