Collection Alice


Articles: Cups, Portrait Cups, Beakers, Small Bowls

Colours: White, pink, lilac, green, blue, mint, yellow, golden, platinum

Imprints: A collection of the wonderful Kühn’s world of images. A treasure trove of historical documents, fine typographies and hand painted

Designs: citations, animals, fl owers, fi gurines, portraits, ornaments, angels, saints, silhouettes, and a lot more.

Sizes: Crazy small, small, medium, big, very big

Material: Earthenware, either white or coloured glazed or a finishing in real gold and platinum (»Glam«, »de luxe«)

Production: Each piece is unique, due to its handmade quality. All is produced in our workshop in Berlin, each piece is handsigned with Kühn engraved manually at the bottom.