Collection Impractical


Articles Playing (playing cards, pistol for Russian Roulette, dices), Cutlery (overdimensioned knifes, spoons, forks, ladles etc.), This And That (pretzel, telephon receiver, menhirs etc.), Letters (from a to z), Heaven (stars and clouds)

Colours White, golden, silver, platinum

Imprints A collection of the wonderful Kühn’s world of images. A treasure trove of historical documents, fine typographies and hand painted designs: citations, animals, fl owers, fi gurines, portraits, ornaments, angels, saints, silhouettes, and a lot more.

Sizes Starting with the small »dice«, 1,5 cm, up to the big ladle, length 55 cm

Material Earthenware, either white or coloured glazed or a finishing in real gold and platinum

Production Each piece is unique, due to its handmade quality. All is produced in our workshop in Berlin, each piece is handsigned with Kühn engraved manually at the bottom.